"A work of art which did not begin in emotion is not art." - Paul Cezanne

A technically perfect work which has no soul or content is just an academic thing. It has no value more than possibly as an educational tool for the technology. For me, art needs to create an emotion with the viewer, to connect in some way with the beholder. It may make you happy, sad, angry, euphoric, excited, calm but it will make you feel something.

"You are a light fetishist!" - Anonymous photographer.

These words, although said in jest, completely captures my essence as an artist. I love light in all its forms and its counterpart, the shadow and darkness. Whenever i walk around our world, i observe light and shadow and its intricate dance together.

"Nothing is more revealing than movement." - Martha Graham.

For a long time i have had a love affair with the movement of bodies, fabric, and light. A lot of my artwork explores the way to record a movement over time into a still image or sculpture. This is a theme i gladly return to.

Currently seeking international representation.

Published in

Cosmopolitan South Africa
Galileu Magazine (Brazil)
Elle - Sweden
Nelly Magazine
Damernas Värld
Dorian Magazine
Dagens industri
Borås Tidning
Helsingborgs Dagblad
Mods Magazine
FashionDays Magazine

Commercial clients

Wilhja / Carolina Rönnberg
BoråsBorås AB
Anna Johansson BLNC.SE
Ericson & Larsson AB
AB Inito
University of Borås
Smart Textiles
Josefin Strid AB
        Billy and I AB
Espira Inkubator
Textil & Modefabriken
Marketplace Borås
Mannen i Borås AB